"Design adds value faster than it adds cost."
- Joel Spolsky
Starfish Systems
information security by design
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About Us

"The software market has been mostly driven by functionality and price without a high priority placed on security issues, so if you are now working in security you are practically tripping over problems."
- William Aiello, UBC Department of Computer Science

Starfish Systems provides advanced system management and security expertise
to clients in industry, research, and the public sector.

Our theoretical focus is secure system architecture, and our technical focus is Unix
and other highly interoperable platforms based on open standards.

While fashions come and go, in technology as elsewhere,
your computing environment must reliably deliver and evolve its services
throughout the life of your organization.

Starfish Systems delivers lasting value
by developing solutions based on principled analysis, not point technologies.
It takes a little more care, but you can build on the results.
After all, that's what infrastructure really is all about, isn't it?

Contacting Us

Starfish Systems
275 - 5525 West Boulevard
Vancouver, B.C. V6M 3W6

(604) 916-7871


As a company committed to providing secure computing infrastructure,
we hold all client information in the highest confidence.

We strongly urge you to encrypt sensitive information sent by email.
Our public PGP key is available from: