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Starfish is distributed as source code, written primarily in Tcl/Tk. The code itself is simple, compact, and easily customized. Its power derives from the use of several excellent open source installation components, which are listed below in order of dependency.

Starfish is known to work with earlier versions of the components than those listed. However, we encourage you to install the latest versions whenever possible, in order to take advantage of ongoing improvements to functionality and security.
Tcl/Tk TLS
System Services

Component Tested Version Release Date Download From Dependencies
Starfish 1.0 15 Mar 2012 needs everything below
TLS 1.6.1 11 Aug 2008 needs Tcl/Tk, OpenSSL
Tcl/Tk 8.5.11 04 Nov 2011 no dependencies
OpenSSL 1.0.0.g 18 Jan 2012 no dependencies
The starfish network service is registered at the IANA per RFC 6335.
Please ensure that the following lines are present in your services file:
starfish        3981/tcp                        # Starfish System Admin
starfish        3981/udp                        # Starfish System Admin